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How to Choose A Cleaning Service

1. Who is in my home?

You are entrusting someone to come into your personal space, often without your presence.  Vibrant Cleaning carefully screens all our cleaners with a background check, drug testing, a stringent hiring and training processes.

2. Tailored Cleaning to Your Needs.

Your home is unique! We meet with each client for an In-Home Consultation. This Personal Touch provides accurate pricing and helps us be your helping hands.

3. Details! Details! Details!

Cleaning requires attention to detail from start to finish.  Vibrant Cleaning creates a customized job sheet for your home and assigns one maid, the same maid, every cleaning so your specific details get handled.

4. Communication.

Cleaning is a high feedback business!  Vibrant Cleaning continually strives to earn your business. We welcome questions, concerns, compliments and even constructive communication to effectively work as a team.

5. Dependable.

A professional cleaning company will create a schedule for each client based on what day of the week and time of the day works for you.  We have back up plans for illnesses and vacations to keep your cleanings consistent.

6. Insured, Bonded & Highly Trained Cleaners.

We consider it is an honor to be invited into your home. All of our cleaners are insured, bonded & covered by Worker’s Comp.  This protects you, your home and gives you peace of mind.

7. Professional Equipment & Supplies.

Just as professional hair dresser won’t ask you to bring your own shampoo, a professional house cleaning company shouldn’t use your cleaning supplies. We provide safe and effective cleaning products for all surfaces. Cleaning starts with the best tools, equipment and supplies.

8. No Service Contracts.

We are here to help with your cleaning needs whether it’s one time or for many years.  We earn your business each and every cleaning.

9. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our goal is for you to walk into a clean home. If we missed something, call us within 48 hours and we will take care of it.

10. Professional Company.

Cleaners and services vary greatly so making a choice can be overwhelming. We are professional cleaning company, registered with the State of Ohio. We pay taxes, support our local community and donate to local charities. Vibrant Cleaning has a physical location just west of the historic downtown square at 815 W. Liberty St., Medina.

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