Helping Hands, Healing Hearts

Providing Free Houses Cleanings to Cancer Patients in Medina County

At Vibrant Cleaning Services, we believe that every time you can lend a helping hand, it makes a world of difference. Being diagnosed with cancer is one of life’s most challenging journeys. Since 2018, we have been proud partners with Cleaning for a Reason, a remarkable charity, dedicated to offering free house cleaning services to men, women, and children undergoing cancer treatments.


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Our Superpower: Transforming Lives One Clean at a Time

Cleaning is our superpower. It is our pleasure and privilege to gift our talents to the people in our community. We see every sweep, scrub, and polish not just as cleaning but a way to bring comfort, hope and a sense of normalcy to the clients we serve. Our Cleaning GEMS proudly wears a special pink uniform weekly in honor and support of those we care for.

The Impact of Our Partnership

  • The Power of Clean: Leveraging our expertise in cleaning, we make a tangible difference in the lives of cancer patients. By providing 2 free house cleans, it assists people to have a comfortable space to focus on their recovery. To know their home is being cared for by a professional who is making sure it is clean and disinfected on a regular basis relieves stress.
  • Enhancing Lives: By aligning with Cleaning for a Reason, we use our home cleaning skills for a noble purpose, bringing a sense of normalcy and peace to those in need.
  • Engaging Our Team: Our Vibrant Cleaning GEMS find deep fulfillment in knowing they have an extraordinary impact in our community. By working with our Cleaning for a Reason clients, they can see the impact of their work which boosts morale and fosters a sense of pride and unity within our team.
  • Locally Giving Back: We have promoted fundraisers with our clients and even had a community garage sale to raise awareness and be able to help more people in Medina, Brunswick, Hinckley, Wadsworth and throughout the surrounding areas of Medina County.

The Impact of Our Partnership

Jen always does such a wonderful job cleaning our house. We are so grateful for all of her help. I tire quickly, so with her help, I am able to do other things. Thanks Jen! ☺️☺️

L. Biernacki

Cleaning for a Reason Recipient

I love working for a company that offers Cleaning for a Reason because the clients are always so appreciative for the help. We get to go in and make their home sparkle while they get a few hours to sit and relax.


Vibrant Cleaning GEM & Head Cheerleader for Cleaning for a Reason

Our Commitment

In partnership with Cleaning for a Reason, we’re not just cleaning homes; we’re offering a helping hand. Our commitment goes beyond business—it’s about caring for our community, one clean home at a time. To help a friend or family member in need or support Cleaning for a Reason, visit

Together, we clean with a purpose!

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