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Our Cleaning G.E.M.S. (Go the Extra Mile to Shine) strive to deliver a Personal Touch each and every time we clean for you. We assign one maid, the same maid each cleaning, allowing your cleaner to get to know you, your home, your pets and your preferences. You relax knowing who is in your home every cleaning.

Vibrant Cleaning KitAt Vibrant, we believe in developing each cleaner personally and professionally. Cleaning is a high feedback business and we coach all our cleaners to be successful in your home. Our G.E.M.S. undergo comprehensive, ongoing training programs to provide a safe, efficient and thorough cleaning of your home. Have Concerns? We gladly welcome feedback so little things don’t become big issues.

Vibrant has a dedicated Field Supervisor and Operations Manager that perform quality checks and we send a survey to our clients monthly. We are picky about who we welcome onto our team and who stays.

We care for our clients; they are our friends and neighbors too. Vibrant’s Core Value Commitment is: hiring Reliable, Honest cleaners with a Positive Attitude that are Adaptable and have a Heart for Service.

As a professional cleaning company, all of our cleaning G.E.M.S. are: Insured, bonded, have Worker’s Comp., pass background checks and drug tests. We won’t send them to clean in your home until they cleaned in our homes.

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