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Our seasonal carpet cleanings are scheduled beginning Mid-March and go through November
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Dry Cleaning Carpets Service
Dry Cleaning Carpets Service
Dry Cleaning Carpets Service
Dry Cleaning Carpets Service
Dry Cleaning Carpets Service

Seasonal Carpet Cleaning FAQS

Questions? Concerns? Your in the right spot! We want to make your carpet cleaning the best it can be. Did we miss something? No problem! Feel free to call or email us!

When can I schedule my carpet cleaning?

Vibrant Carpet Cleaning is scheduled seasonally. Our Seasonal Carpet Cleaning opens Mid-March and closes in November.

Do I have to move all of my furniture before you clean my carpets?

No. We clean the traffic areas. We do suggest you move end tables, eating chairs, coffee tables and easily moved items like dog toys, waste baskets and floor lamps. If we are cleaning under furniture, we will put safety tabs under the furniture to prevent staining and bleeding from the bottoms of furniture.

Pricing for carpet cleaning?

Our pricing is based on traffic areas for lived-in houses and square footage of rooms for empty houses. We will provide pricing over the phone in advance and there are no hidden surprises when we leave an invoice.

Do you clean Area Rugs and Oriental Rugs?

Yes, we do. We can pick up the area rugs, clean them in our warehouse and deliver them back to you at no additional cost! We always test your rug for color fastness prior to cleaning.

Do you test furniture fabrics before cleaning?

Yes, we always test in a non-conspicuous area of couches, chairs, loveseats and ottoman fabric if we can’t find the label that defines the materials of your upholstery.

Do you use steam cleaning method?

No, we use a dry encapsulation machine with different types of brushes to reach deep into the fibers of your carpet. There are no hoses, no open doors while cleaning and carpets can be cleaned year round.

How long does it take for carpet to dry?

Vibrant Cleaning Services uses a dry cleaning method to clean carpets. Our dry encapsulation system has carpets clean and dry within 2 hours!

What is the difference between renting or buying a carpet cleaner and having my carpets professionally cleaned?

Home carpet machines are great for quick spills and spot cleaning. There are many variables to carpet cleaning such as water temperature, cleaning agents, different carpet fibers, types of stains and exact methods of use. Professional carpet cleaners know what to use, how much to use and how to combat spots and stains so that your carpets are fresh and soft.

What type of cleaning solutions do you use on our carpets?

We use high quality, commercial cleaning supplies that are specific to your carpets material and issues. Our products are environmentally friendly, safe for children and pets and gentle on the fibers of your carpet.

Will you vacuum my carpets, before or after the cleaning?

If needed, we will vacuum prior to carpet cleaning. We always vacuum after carpet cleaning…straight carpet lines are so relaxing! We have designated vacuums for carpet cleaning and thoroughly clean and disinfect after each cleaning to prevent cross contamination.

I’ve had my carpets cleaned and stains reappear. How do you handle this?

We use dry cleaning method that does get deep into the fibers of the carpet. If a stain does come back, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call within 7 days of your cleaning and we will come back out to redo the specified area, at no extra charge.

What stains never come out of carpeting?

Highly acidic products such as toilet bowl cleaners, bleach, hair dye, iodine, mustards and red food coloring are permanent stains.

We moved into a house with a lot of pet stains and odors. Can you help?

We get many calls from home owners in regards to pet stains and odors. Since there are a variety of variables, we recommend a Free In Home Consultation so that we can help find a solution. Call 330.723.6538 to schedule your consultation.

What is the best way to care for carpets in between cleanings?

1. Vacuuming!! Regular vacuuming removes dust, hair, dirt and unwanted material from the top layers of your carpet before they get compressed deep into the fibers.

2. Wear socks or designated house shoes. Oils from the bottom of your feet create traffic area stains. Outside shoes bring in unwanted stains, pollens, allergens and dirt.

Bonded, Insured & Worker’s Comp…what does that mean for you?
  • Bonded: We bond all of our employees in the event of a theft so that you are protected. Our Cleaning Technicians undergo background checks, drug testing and drivers license check.
  • Insurance: We carry insurance to protect your home and its contents in case of broken items, damage or accidents.
  • Worker’s Compensation: Insurance we provide on Cleaning Technicians in case of an injury in your home.
Can I pick the day & time of my cleanings?

We will work with your schedule and give you day and time options. Start times can vary for afternoon cleanings due to weather conditions or unforeseen situations that arise in a previous home. If our Cleaning Technician is running ahead or behind, we will call to notify you.

Do I have to supply anything?

Our Cleaning Technician will bring all the cleaning supplies, vacuums and tools. We even leave you with a bottle of our special spot remover for you to use in between cleanings!

Does someone need to be home during my cleaning?

Many of our clients work or have busy lives. During your consultation, we will discuss how you would like us to enter and exit your home.

How do I pay for my cleanings?

We accept exact cash, checks written to Vibrant Cleaning Services, ACH bank drafts, Visa & MasterCard. All payments are due at the time of cleaning and can be left on the kitchen counter. A credit card may be asked to reserve your spot.

How long have you been in business?

Owners Sean & Lisa Kirkpatrick have been proudly providing leaning services in Medina County since 2003. We take pride in being a locally owned, reputable, professional cleaning company that supports our community.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Cleaning is a high feedback business and we want our clients to be happy with our services. If something’s not right, we want to fix it! Call us within 48 hours and we will figure out a solution. If needed, we will come back at no additional charge. As a local business, we value our client’s feedback. CLICK HERE to contact us today!

What is your mailing address?

Vibrant Cleaning Services
815 W. Liberty St., Suite 2
Medina, OH 44256

Can’t find the answer your looking for? No problem! Feel free to contact us at anytime with your questions or concerns.

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